Loan Servicing

Pinnacle, through its affiliate PFG Servicing Corporation, provides mortgage servicing for numerous types of lenders, including life insurance companies, pension funds and CMBS lenders. We currently oversee a servicing portfolio of over $2 billion and through SAM, a servicing portfolio of over $39 billion. We pride ourselves as being proactive to identify potential problems for our clients and resolve them quickly.

Borrowers find huge value in Pinnacle servicing a majority of loans we secure. Handling servicing matters throughout loan terms can be difficult. You can rest assure Pinnacle does not go away after your loan closes. A sample list of loan servicing matters we assist with is as follows:

  • Asset management
  • Escrow account management
  • Required financial reporting
  • Annual property inspections
  • Tax administration
  • Insurance monitoring
  • Lease approvals
  • Ownership transfers
  • Prepayment penalty calculations
  • Construction draws

For servicing information contact: F. Brock Walter 216-328-9700

For information regarding an existing loan serviced by PFG Servicing Corportation contact:
Jennifer Dalman 440-930-005 or 888-843-9475